Our service includes a wide range of pharmaceutical quality control, from developing and validating methods to performing release testing and complete stability testing.

Every year we analyse a wide variety of samples for purity, content, active substance release and many other parameters. We have thereby gained experience with more than 400 different active substances and excipients, ranging from chemically defined to herbal medicinal substances and from antibiotics to vitamins in a wide variety of dosage forms.

The internal facilities allow us to fulfil the requirements of the standard national and international pharmacopoeias, such as the German (DAB), European (Ph.Eur) or US (USP) pharmacopoeias. Our range also includes other standardised procedures and our own comprehensive method collections.

Pursuant to section 3 of the German Narcotics Act (BtMG), our laboratory is licensed for commercial transactions with narcotic substances and can therefore also offer the entire analytical portfolio for the testing of narcotic substances under GMP-compliant conditions.

The analytical testing of high-potency substances requires appropriate procedures and technical equipment as well as a high degree of expertise and sensitive handling by employees. In a laboratory area separated by a man lock, we test a very wide range of high-potency substances (hormones, antibiotics and medicinal products that are carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction (CMR), such as cytostatic drugs).

We aim to provide optimal support to our clients in the manufacture of medicinal products, also in terms of the analysis duration. Release testing, stability testing and other services, such as validations or method transfers, are performed within the agreed deadlines. We react rapidly and flexibly if the client is experiencing bottlenecks or is pressed for time.

On a daily basis, the client benefits from our clear company structure. We always respond directly and rapidly to project enquiries through direct communication with the project leader concerned.