How long does an analysis last?

The duration of processing from sample receipt until completion of the corresponding report largely depends on the complexity of the analytical testing and the number of samples.
HHAC’s essential advantage lies in the rapid and timely completion of a job.
Release testing orders are usually processed by HHAC within three days – in extremely urgent cases, even more rapid processing is possible.

When can the client expect to receive results?

In urgent cases, analysis results are forwarded as intermediate findings. The final results are, of course, sent after checking by QA and internal release.

How is method validation performed?

Validation is performed in compliance with ICH and a validation protocol.

Which parameters are examined in the validation?

Determining the validity of a method involves testing parameters such as selectivity and specificity, precision, working area, limit of detection and limit of quantitation, linearity, trueness and, if applicable, robustness.

How does communication take place during the project?

Communication takes place according to the client’s wishes, either by telephone or in the form of e-mails. In complex projects, a project protocol is drawn up, which may schedule personal meetings between those responsible for the project.

How does the supplier ensure that the documentation is correct?

The compilation of reports presupposes expert and formal verification. Only released reports are forwarded to the client.

Can we arrange a client audit?

As part of the inspections, we give our clients the opportunity of ascertaining that our work complies with GMP, ISO and client-specific requirements. HHAC is audited several times annually by various clients. Data security is ensured by the non-disclosure agreements.